Poem: Salted Plantain

By Maya Mutesi

Feb 17, 2022

Typical stuff, boy meets girl
there seems to be a connection.
A good connection, things are easy
we don’t talk much, we hold each other,
and laugh at videos on the internet.

Your first language is different from mine,
so I learn new things often, and so do you.
Our exchanges are stimulating
even when it’s about boring stuff
my ears have adapted to the way you pronounce things.

I love plantain, I was hoping you would make a large portion
for us to indulge in on this V-day. Salted plantain, an old movie
maybe something by Ousmane Sembene,
and you. That’s all I wanted, you.

But you say we have a personality clash
“I can’t give you the commitment you want right now”
You failed to understand that the “commitment”
I wanted was to get to know your person deeper,
hold you longer, and be filled with your presence.

this is your loss
I don’t have you but I make my salted plantain.