Review: DJ X

By Mutsinzi June 28, 2016

Dj X, the name of, in my opinion, one of the most creative music producers in Kigali today rekindles my hope in the magic of music every time I listen to his work. He’s the talent behind $teezy-$teezy’s track “Swipin”. Give it a listen and we’ll proceed.

My interest in him lies in his ability to venture into a myriad of musical genres. Not only is he able to produce some dope trap beats but he also gets his hands dirty creating some clean electronic music. Most of his work lives on his Sound Cloud Channel , so if you haven’t already, do check him out.

I, as I’m sure you will too, can only wonder where this guy’s talent will take him.


Mutsinzi is majoring in Computer Science. He likes reading, listening to music and creating.