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I use music as a form of therapy to get away from the world and get in touch with myself. I mostly play songs that will uplift my spirit or simply help me grow as a creative and as human. This is collection of songs I play on a daily to brighten up my day. — Landry Kigabiro

Omu Dudu by Black Motion ft Wunmi

I am a huge fan of black motion. As a Burundian, the drums are key to a track; the percussions are the heartbeat of the track. Black motion drums are one of a kind and the house fusion gives their tracks a whole other feel altogether. The instrument itself makes you go places, the energy, the vibes just take you out of this world. Wunmi the singer has such a soulful voice that it just hits you in the right places. The message of the song is just so uplifting and positive. I keep telling people around me it’s glow season, this track is that anthem that coincides with my message. Omo dudu means black child in Haussa( a language spoken in west africa by fulani people). The message of the song is simply to embrace your skin and to let it shine.

Chasing the Sun by Boddhi Satva ft Mi Casa

Boddhi Satva is a producer I look up to. He created his genre called ancestral soul, a fusion of african instruments and house music. Mi casa is a south african band that I really enjoy, they just convey such good vibes and keep breaking boundaries by simply making a wide variety of music but always having an african influence to their sound. This is the type of song I play on daily and start dancing for no reason haha. I reached a point of my life where I know what I want in life and I am constantly running chasing my dreams. This song just perfectly aligns with my spirit.

Show You Off by Thisiswurld

This song just gives me hope that african music is going in the right direction. The production was made by walshy fire( part of major lazer) and shizzi ( well know for producing a few davido hit). Our sound is going global and it’s essential that we collaborate to make the sound grow. Thisiswurld, is an amazing artist and his attention to detail just makes him one of kind. His sound and his visuals are just setting the bar higher. He is definitely an artist to keep on our radar.

Bloom by Blackparty

Blackparty project “Mango” was probably one of my favorite in 2016. This song in particular keeps me company on a daily. I just reached a point in my life where I am trying to get away from negative energy and try my best not to let the negativity get to me. I just wanna spread positive vibes and happiness to the universe, I just wish the best to everyone, hope their flowers bloom.

Whatever you Want by Sports

This song just shows how much I love music, how open I am open in terms of sound. Like I don’t have a specific genre I play, I listen to variety of genres. This song just reminds me that you can do whatever you want if you put your mind to it.

You Must Love Me by Jay-Z

Jay-z is my favorite rapper of all time so I had to add him on my playlist. My dad is like a super hero to me but Jay-z taught me, that you can be a man and still vulnerable. In this song Jay-z opens up on personal circumstance, listening to it just makes me relate to him, it reminds me that he is human too. In this song he talks about unconditional love, the love of his family. Like after all the pain his family went through, love still unites them. It shows how powerful and amazing love is.

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