The Sack

‘The Sack’ is a short-story penned by Zambian author Namwali Serpell about the dark difficulties of co-existence set against a...


The Weight of Heaven

by Portia Uwase

She talks about corruption, white race superiority in India, exploitation of local work... Read More
Beasts of No Nation

by Ines Makuza

Fukunaga portrayed something, raw, intense, harrowing and astonishingly emotional, givi... Read More

by Portia Uwase

There is nothing that makes you flip like a bittersweet, hopeful, beautiful cliffhanger. Read More
An ode to the College Dropout

by Ben Rutabana

But while he struggles internally about his faith in God, another side reveals itself t... Read More
Coloring Book

by Charlotte Bwiza

I believe Chance’s intent with his mixtape was to tell his story about where he is now ... Read More
The Racketeer

by Uwera Nina

John Grisham brilliantly tackles death and justice along with other themes including fa... Read More


But how catapulting would it be for Rwanda, if her writers could meet beyond web portals, to share pieces, and form opinions about one another's with the common goal of helping each other ultimatel... Read More

Learning to detect and deter this psychological exploit in every aspect of our lives is the only way not to fall victim to its negative consequences. Read More

Figure out the point at which you want to start something, and go at whatever speed works for you; you don’t have to “be on their level”. Be on your own damn level! Read More

Our world redefines and criticizes beauty on a daily basis. I find beauty to be a fickle concept. Displayed and examined on the immense platform that the world wide web is and then tied in with cyb... Read More


Writer's Block 2 — by Portia Zuba

I am standing on hallowed ground. The people around me are all in the same spirit: they are worshipping and for all I know they might be in heav...
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Writer's Block 1 — by Portia Zuba

The disco lights are a sight for sore eyes. They are shining in a rainbow patttern, even though there is a new color I am not recognizing. Is it...
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