You light my fire

You were my desire

I gave you my all

But you let me fall

Unlocks phone, dials you,

I miss your voice

No response to my call

You probably don’t wanna be bothered

Two times texting

“Hi, are you busy, do you care at all?”

Do I not entertain you?

As I once was able to?

Guess I’m just the past

Did you find your future?

Been a painful start of the year

learning to spell Luther without you

Makes me sound bitter, but you try

spelling Luther without her.

I’m an unfinished puzzle without you

They don’t offer treatment for the being

of the inner

That’s why they would credit my

depressed streaks as an ungrateful


What we had fades away

In my sights it grows thinner

And you simply get bigger in the world

you take by storm.

Forget me, right?

I jumped floods to get through you


You were the hurricane I should’ve saved

myself from.

You drowned me.