Home— a sentiment so dear to us, we’d go the extra mile to hold on to.

For some, home represents identity, it informs how we see ourselves and who we feel connected to. Our cultures, traditions and value systems are often influenced by the places we’ve come to know as our home. For others it’s a place where they feel safe and shielded from the chaos of the world. And for many it’s a place that gives us a sense of belonging.

In fact, many wars have been fought in the name of home. A moment in history that hits close to home is the RPFs quest to reclaim a land that meant so much to them they were willing to loose their lives for it. And while the United goal was to fight for their right to inhabit a place they called home, each person had their own definition of what that would look and feel like, a testament to the beauty of the sentiment— only we can define and shape the meaning of home. It changes as we evolve and adapts to our life situations as they change.

This issue of Mellowviews explores the moving pieces that quantify and define the spaces and places we call home. These writers teach us that the idea of home is a nuanced and that there are no rules that govern how we shape that reality.