It is with great joy that I welcome you to read our first magazine issue. Writing for the web is fun but the reading experience can get distracting at times, or perhaps very often. It is this thought that has driven the Mellowviews team to work on a magazine issue, to produce stories that can be read on and offline, as one reads a great novel: offline and with a cup of tea.

I’m thankful for the commitment and hard work shown by the contributors who despite working remotely have been able to appreciate the vision and work on some great stories.

I owe the reader many thanks for their constant hunger to learn and their genuine interest in understanding the work of artists.

In this issue, we raise important questions of identity, celebrate the Women’s month of March and speak to a number of great artists on their work and their art, which presumably are inseparable.


Mutsinzi Eric

Mutsinzi is a writer for Mellowviews and software developer.