September marks the beginning of Mellowviews Monthly Conversations on selected issues, picked by our team and community. Submissions from all of you are very welcome. We are kicking this off with ‘Colorism’ as our inaugural theme

Colorism is discrimination based on skin color. It differs from racism in that the discrimination can take place amongst people of the same race. More plainly, it is a discrimination rooted in preference of one color or shade of color to another. Prevalent is of course the preference of light skin to darker skin. Statements like “you’re pretty for a dark skin” are thrown around casually in large volume.

Is this an issue you can relate to? Would you say that colorism is perpetuated by media and entertainment or is it purely a subjective perspective? Have you come across it in a work of art? Send us a review of a work that deals with this issue, an article on the subject or your own creative interpretation in the form of prose, poetry or visual art. Send your submission to us on our email: