Power — Unconditional Love and Fear

by Abouba | Aug 2, 2017

For man to be powerless, two factors have to apply: blind loyalty to an idea or institution and subjugation to scary repercussions and consequences. This law applies in many areas of human life. For example, in religion we are told that God loves us and serves us unconditionally but we are also told that God has the power to punish us.

This is true for governments as well; we are told that the government is put there to serve us but also has the power to destroy us and this sinks into the subconscious of man and leaves him in a state of surrender in which he will trust and blindly serve whoever or whatever has been exploiting this psychology. Every single individual will submit to this in one way or another because that’s simply man’s nature. Machiavellian disciples will agree. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing however, provided the government is under good leadership. However, it goes without saying that this law can be so detrimentally exploited by those in power — Look to foreign politics for proof.

You’ll find that this law applies to interaction in families too. Parents have the power to raise their children well or send them down a destructive path. Parents can sometimes use negative reinforcement such as verbal abuse and physical punishment in order to keep their children in check but when in excess, this can blur the difference between love and hate in the children’s minds which can often lead to them mimicking what their parents did to them soon after having families of their own. Viewed from another angle, women in abusive house-holds fail to leave because they fall into that state of surrender and since some of these women while growing up have been abused psychologically or physically by their parents, they are stuck in a dangerous state of submission. Learning to detect and deter this psychological exploit in every aspect of our lives is the only way not to fall victim to its negative consequences.