Ikibandi Review

Ikibandi is a behind the scenes story and journey that leads to the character of Muchoma. Through every song and...


Short Film

Kindil El Bahr

by Portia Zuba

Kindil El Bahr is a 40-minute visual representation of Khaled Hosseini’s quote in his b... Read More


E.T: Letter From Yokosuka(Remix)

by Mutsinzi

For E.T, this is a commendable first single. How he pays tribute to both a legendary pr... Read More


Zombie - A Force for Liberation

by Mutsinzi

Fela’s music is timeless because his words carry universal truths which were expressed ... Read More


Get Out

by Portia Zuba

A look at how Jordan Peele's Get Out makes use of fetishism, double consciousness, and ... Read More


Imico Mibi Mu Rusengero

by Mutsinzi

Imico Mibi Mu Rusengero—Yannick MYK's debut album—is an animated foray into the drama a... Read More


I am Not Your Negro

by Amata Giramata

I am Not Your Negro is a documentary by Raoul Peck exploring American race politics wit... Read More


At night, depression comes at me with full force. Everything hits me all at once, and I feel helpless. I succumb to it, letting it take over me and consume me; There is no fight left in me at this ... Read More

The only times we express our thoughts on love, are when we're either in a relationship or in the deepest state of singlehood. The in between and its unravelling is left to memes and anonymous owne... Read More

I like to think that feminism is like a huge piece of fabric that looks different and should be different on every woman. Read More

The best of therapies to get you out of self-doubt is conversation—fruitful, intelligent conversation—because there is no growth without learning. Read More

Chandresh’s descriptions of intimate relationships between the main characters are not self conscious and are so unapologetic that it makes it hard not to see how necessary they are, inevitable even. Read More

Every meal is a nutritious trip, an adventure into the culinary world. I strongly believe that it is an art to eat. To eat well, to know when to eat and when not to eat. Read More

Prose & Poetry

Rotten Fruits and Withered Flowers — by Ines Makuza & Luther.O

Writer's Block 3 — by Portia Zuba

We are revising our final paper I look at the girls I have been spending the last few days with, and wonder if we will go back to awkwardly nodd...
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Kinyarwanda — by Brenda Umutoniwase

Kinyarwanda: a language that sets me free and reminds me
that I come first while their languages tell me
that I come second, third—l...

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Writer's Block 2 — by Portia Zuba

I am standing on hallowed ground. The people around me are all in the same spirit: they are worshipping and for all I know they might be in heav...
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Writer's Block 1 — by Portia Zuba

The disco lights are a sight for sore eyes. They are shining in a rainbow patttern, even though there is a new color I am not recognizing. Is it...
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