Mellowviews is a writers' collective that produces stories on Art + Culture: film, music, books, poetry — you get where we're going with this.

Mellow + Views

  • Mellow: adj. Relaxed; calm; easygoing; laid-back.
    adj. Suggesting softness or sweetness: "The mellow air brought in the feel of imminent autumn” ( Thomas Hardy).
  • Views: n. personal perceptions, judgment, or interpretation; opinions

Mellowviews Mag

Mellowviews irregularly publishes an online magazine issue on art & culture. We published our first magazine issue in March 2017 and you can grab a copy here


Each week, we pick an artist to curate a playlist of 6 songs and talk a little about them and we share the playlist with our community on the Playlists page.

Guest Submissions

There are many ways to contribute to Mellowviews

  • Submit written Content: poems, short-stories, articles and reviews. Our editorial team reviews the work and approves or rejects it. Upon approval, the submitted work is edited to ensure a high quality post and then it is published.
  • Share a photo you took of a scene of your choosing, to be featured in the mellowshots section on our homepage and on our instagram page
  • Share what you're reading, listening to or watching via instagram and include the #mellowviews hashtag in your caption and tag @mellowviews as well. This gives us ideas of what to review and if we really like the shot, we'll share it on our instagram page.

How to submit

Send your submission to our email: submissions@mellowviews.com or on our facebook page: @mellowviews